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Let’s Talk Climate, But How and Where?

In a recently published column written for the SE Examiner in Portland, one of our steering committee makes the case for creating spaces for public conversations about the complexities of climate change. Here's the text:
by Stephanie Kaza
Flooding in Louisiana, wildfires in California, permafrost melt in Alaska -- the list of events made more extreme by climate change is growing rapidly.  There is no shortage of news articles, books, films, and blogs on what’s happening with the planet’s climate.  Emotions and opinions run strong, making it tough to have a thoughtful conversation among friends. One of the most frustrating and common phenomena is “climate denial.”  It’s too big! I can’t deal with it!  Weather always changes! Technology will fix it!   All these common reactions reflect the complex social and communication challenges embedded in addressing climate change.
It is tempting to get caught in arguments on this difficult topic, but it seems we’re stuck with  the messiness of i…