Portland's Urban Heat Islands: Unequal Impacts -- What Next?

This handout has been prepared for our Let's Talk Climate conversation on April 18, 2017.

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Learn More:

  • Urge your state Representative and Senator to vote for climate abatement and mitigation and to put a cap on carbon. Attend constituent meetings, call, e-mail, or write them. Learn who represents you and about pending legislation at the OLIS website.
  • Join the People’s Climate March in Portland on April 29th
  • Check out Renew Oregon and 350PDX for current opportunities to advocate

Make Personal Changes:

Let’s Talk Climate is made possible by funding from the City of Portland and SE Uplift’s Neighborhood Small Grants Program. We are cosponsored by 350PDX and Oregon Environmental Council. Hawthorne Auto Clinic and Next Level Burger have also contributed funding support.


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