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How Is Climate Change Affecting the Fishing Industry?

Climate change is harming marine fisheries and related operations, reducing fish stocks and changing which fish are available to be caught in certain regions.  These three factors are the most prominent: Ocean warming and acidification  Declining oxygen in sea water Shrinking sea ice cover Ocean warming and acidification Warmer and more acidic oceans make fish […]

How Is Climate Change Affecting Salmon?

Climate change is heavily affecting numerous species, including various types of salmon. These four factors are the most prominent: Drought Stream/river warming Fires ruining spawning habitat Increased number of landslides Drought Drier-than-average summers reduce water flow. This means the water salmon do have to swim in warms up faster. In some cases, the streams can […]

How Is Climate Change Affecting Tides?

In addition to its other destructive effects, climate change is directly tied to sea level rise and flood risk. We will break down these three major factors: Ice sheet and glacier melting Ocean warming Groundwater extraction Ice sheet and glacier melting When ice sheets and glaciers melt, that water contributes to sea level rise. According […]

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